Do you prefer to do your own laundry? Wash it as you like, dry it as you like, and fold it as you like all at your own pace? Then The Clothesline is the best coin-operated laundromat for you! With the largest and newest washing machines and dryers in Bozeman, The Clothesline offers the quickest, most eco-friendly options for your laundry needs of any size load! Did we mention The Clothesline is conveniently located in the finest part of town in downtown Bozeman?

To make sure doing your laundry feels no different than if you were at home, at The Clothesline, you’ll experience the cleanest and most spacious coin-op facility, with convenient folding tables throughout. Don’t have quarters for your laundry? Easy day! Forgot detergent? Pshhh- we got you! Need to do some work or homework while waiting or want to grab a snack? No problem, we’ve got that covered, too! Because we strive to make your life easier, we offer the following amenities:

  • ATM
  • Detergent and Dryer Sheet Options for Purchase
  • Free WiFi
  • Plenty of Parking! (bring your RV! We’ll take care of you!)
  • Restroom
  • Utility Sink
  • Vending Machine
  • Video Surveillance System (for your safety and ours)
  • And most importantly…
    • Our amazing staff, that ensures your favorite laundromat is 100% attended at all times, answering any and all cleaning/spotting/treating/washing questions one could think of; and of course, always being available to offer a good laugh and a smile!

Have a question about our top-notch equipment that will clean your items to perfection? You no longer have to wonder how well your items will come out or how much laundry you can bring (HINT: ALL OF IT!) Below you will find all the selections you have to choose from:


  • Two 80 lb. Dryers
  • Two 50 lb. Dryers
  • Twenty-Four 30 lb. Dryers


  • One 80 lb. Front Load Washer
  • Two 60 lb. Front Load Washers
  • Two 25 lb. Front Load Washers
  • Five 45 lb. Front Load Washers
  • Four 20 lb. Front Load Washers
  • Twenty 20 lb. Top Load Washers