Pricing for Laundry Services

Flexible options, no surprises. Whether you’re a student, a busy mom, a passing traveler, or a business, we have a price for any budget to ensure your dirty laundry is no more with each visit!


Do you find doing your own laundry life-changing and satisfying? Easy day! The best option for you is Self-Service:

  • Washers: $2.00 - $9.00 (machine dependent)
  • Dryers: $0.25 per 3-5 minutes (machine dependent)


Appreciate convenience, efficiency, and dirty laundry is the worst chore on planet earth? Find fulfillment with our Drop-Off options:

  • No-Fold: $1.35/lb.
  • Fold: $1.75/lb. (Most popular option!)
  • $15 minimum
  • Specialty Items: so.many.items. A sleeping bag is not a horse blanket is not your toddler’s jacket, are we right? But don’t worry, we thought of just about everything. See all of the options.

Drop-off Rush

Appreciate convenience BUT you’re uber busy, and those dirty clothes you need for the fancy Zoom party tonight won’t wash themselves? Then Drop-Off Rush-Service is for you:

  • 5 hour turn-around (drop-off cut-off 5PM)
  • Flat Fee: $3.00/lb.
  • $20 minimum
  • 15 lb. max

For the ultimate hands-off luxury, let us do EVERYTHING! After all, you have better things to do with your time. But don’t sweat it- we got you! Your best bet is our Pick Up & Delivery.

Pick-up & Delivery

Bozeman (+ 20 mi.)

  • Flat Fee: $2.40/lb.
  • Specialty Items: small up-charge, item dependent. Let’s chat!

Outside the Bozeman Area (20 - 50 mi.)

  • Flat Fee: $3.50/lb.
  • Specialty Items: small up-charge, item dependent. Let’s chat!

Don’t see something, but you know it must get cleaned? Give us a shout- we are confident we can assist!

Didn’t have a good experience (we know...those fitted sheets can be THE worst), no sweat. If specific instructions were left for us to follow and we made a boo-boo, please let us know so we can make every effort to turn that frown around.